Accurately diagnose and develop individualized care plans for patients with joint pain using cutting edge, clinically validated AI technology.
Accurate Diagnosis
Joint Dx is designed with providers in mind. It combines Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) with x-ray evaluations from machines learning algorithms to achieve a 96% accuracy in diagnosis and treatment plan.
Patient Reported Outcomes Surveys
Capture and report symptoms of hip and knee pain in an easy-to-use interface, for patients and clinics alike, from any mobile tablet.  
Easy-to-Use Care Pathway Reports
Understand your hip and knee evaluation in through a simple and easy to read report that can be shared with patients, clinicians, family and friends.
An Impact Story...
  • Joint Dx’s AI machine learning algorithm has a 96% accuracy in X-ray reading and care pathway assignment.
  • For non-expert users, Joint Dx aids in accurately and efficiently determining operative vs nonoperative pathways.
  • Joint Dx can address the issue of over-utilization in hip and knee joint surgery, which is reported at over 30%.
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